est une maison d’édition d’objets faits à la main.


The pieces in the TH Manufacture collection come from places with rich traditions of creativity, brought to life through design and craftsmanship. Our products are manufactured where they are conceived – developed in tandem by the designer and the craftsman. This process links creation and production, distilling the unique qualities of people and places, their culture and how they see the world, into tangible objects.

Made by Hand

The original meaning of manufacture is ‘made by hand’; our company is constructed around a philosophy of designer craftsmanship. Manufacturing is where innovation meets practice. Together, the designer and artisan transform an idea into an object. Our designers and artisans work with traditional materials and techniques, reinterpreting them in a contemporary context.


Our objects carry the stories of the people who conceived and made them. Our products build relationships between people and their environments. We choose to work at this personal, rather than mass-produced, scale, because we want to foster a responsible society. A society where people understand where things come from and what they mean. Where artisans are connected to the world through communication and modern technology.